Isomars Adjustable Set Square 10" Combo with Triangular Scale No. 4 and Flexible Curve

Paul Brothers

  • Isomars Adjustable Set Square Combo Contains 3 Items.
  • 1. Adjustable Set Square - 10" *Adjustable Set Squares - 10" has a smooth edge, a tracing edge and a bevelled edge for smudge free use with ink.The graduated arch, manufactured in one part with the arm, is precision divided in half degrees, tangent and secant.This precise product is fully made of virgin acrylic material with permanent engraved markings.
  • 2. Triangular Scale No.4 *Triangular scale(T4) is a stylish rule suitable for architects.Isomars 30 cm triangular scale is made of white plastic with precision divisions and has color coded sides of red and yellow-1:10,1:20,1:25,1:30,1:40,1:50,1:100,1:200,1:250,1:300,1:400,1:500 .Dimensions are in (cm) and (m) for easier working. Scale rulers are used by architects and engineers to calculate dimension in a blue print or building plan without the use of time-consuming and complicated math equations.
  • 3. Flexible Curve 12" *Flexible Curve with markings- 12" is a square metal core coated with light blue wear resistant plastic.Marking on both sides and easy to read inch and metric graduations. Instantly adjustable and retains shape without support.Widely use in arts painting, engineering, design, garment and other industries. Perfect for Measuring and Drawing Curve.Raised edges for ink ruling.Size - 30 cm

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