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Quilting Ruler and Rotary Cutter Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features

1. Garment Patchwork Quilting Ruler:

  • Precision Craftsmanship: The Isomars Garment Patchwork Quilting Ruler, measuring a generous 24 inches, is meticulously crafted from clear acrylic. Its precision-milled shapes ensure complete accuracy and symmetry in your quilting projects.
  • Transparent Clarity: The high rate of transparency allows you to position the ruler precisely over your quilting medium, ensuring that your measurements and cuts are executed with perfection.

2. Cutting Mat - A3:

  • Non-Slip Surface: The Isomars Cutting Mat - A3 features a special non-slip surface that securely holds your materials in place while you cut. This prevents damage to your work surfaces and ensures safety during crafting.
  • Self-Healing: The mat is self-healing, meaning it withstands cuts and slices without showing visible marks, ensuring its durability over time.
  • Dimensions: 450mm x 300mm

3. Rotary Cutter - 28mm:

  • Efficient Cutting: The included Rotary Cutter with a 28mm blade provides you with a versatile tool for clean and efficient cutting through various materials, including fabric.
  • Comfortable Grip: Designed for user comfort, the rotary cutter's ergonomic handle allows for extended use without strain.

    Enhance your quilting and crafting endeavors with the precision, durability, and convenience offered by this comprehensive combo set. Create with confidence, precision, and the assurance of professional-quality results.

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