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Technical Compass Set

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Technical Compass: The core of the set, this technical compass allows you to draw circles, arcs, and precise curves with precision. It's a reliable tool for technical drawings and illustrations.

Spare Needle: Included in the set, the spare needle ensures that you can replace worn or damaged compass needles, extending the life of your technical compass.

Lead Case: The lead case keeps your spare leads organized and readily accessible. This ensures that you're always prepared to switch to a new lead when needed.

Attachment: The attachment offers flexibility in drawing by allowing you to create complex shapes and designs. It expands the compass's capabilities.

Screw Driver: The included screwdriver makes adjustments to your compass quick and easy. You can fine-tune the compass for accuracy in your work.

Sharpener: Keep your compass leads sharp and ready with the included sharpener. This ensures clean, precise lines on your drawings.

Side Compass: The side compass is a valuable tool for creating smaller arcs and circles while maintaining accuracy and consistency.

Bow Pen: This versatile bow pen adds a new dimension to your drawing capabilities. It is suitable for intricate designs and precise lines.

Product Specifications
  • Set Includes: Technical Compass, Spare Needle, Lead Case, Attachment, Screw Driver, Sharpener, Side Compass, Bow Pen
  • Application: Technical Drawing, Architectural Design, Engineering, Drafting, Illustration

The Isomars Technical Compass Set is a complete and versatile toolkit for professionals and students who require precise and accurate drawings in their work. With multiple components designed for various tasks, this set ensures you have the right tools at your disposal for all your technical drawing needs.

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