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Locking Wing Divider with Compass (8-inch)

Paul Brothers

Key Features

High Precision: This wing divider is designed to transfer precise distances, making it ideal for layouts that require highly accurate measurements. 

Lockable Wing: The divider features a lockable wing, allowing you to easily repeat measurements without the risk of accidental adjustments. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining consistent dimensions across various parts of your project.

Durable Construction: Isomars is known for quality, and this tool is no exception. It is built to last and perform reliably in professional and creative applications.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Isomars, a trusted name in precision and drafting tools.
  • Size: The Isomars Locking Wing Divider with Compass measures 8 inches, providing a versatile range for your layout and measuring needs.

Whether you're working on engineering projects, artistic creations, or precise woodworking, this tool ensures you achieve your desired results with confidence. Enhance your accuracy and layout quality with the Isomars Locking Wing Divider with Compass.

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