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Giant Circles Template

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Transparent Perfection: Crafted from transparent plastic, this template allows you to precisely position and draw circles with ease. Its transparency ensures that you maintain complete control over your designs.

Sturdy and Fragile: While it may seem contradictory, the Isomars Giant Circles Template is both rigid and fragile, ensuring it maintains its shape for perfect circles while offering delicate precision for your creative endeavors.

Endless Design Options: From intricate jewelry designs to eye-catching illustrations, this template empowers you to explore a vast range of artistic expressions.

Multiple Circle Sizes: The template features various circle sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect diameter for your project.

Product Specifications:
  • It is rigid and fragile so it can't be bent
  • Template is made from orange transparent plastic

 Perfect circles are just the beginning – experience the endless possibilities this template offers. Make your creative journey more precise, more effortless, and more enjoyable with the Isomars Giant Circles Template today.

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