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Plastic Oblique & Wooden Manga Holder

Paul Brothers

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility: These holders are compatible with a wide variety of calligraphy nibs, making them suitable for various calligraphic styles. Note that mapping nibs are not compatible.
Enhanced Creativity:
With these holders, you can effortlessly create beautiful writing, decorative designs, and intricate artwork, allowing your creativity to flow freely.
Ideal for Calligraphy:
Whether you're a calligraphy enthusiast or a professional, these holders are ideal companions for your calligraphy pens.

Product Specifications:

  • Plastic (Oblique Holder) and Wood (Manga Holder)
  • Compatible with a Wide Variety of Calligraphy Nibs (Except Mapping Nibs)
  • Does Not Include Ink or Nib
Discover the joy of calligraphy and creative expression with the Isomars Plastic Oblique Holder & Wooden Manga Holder. These versatile tools provide you with the freedom to create stunning writing and designs while offering the flexibility to choose your preferred calligraphy materials.


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