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Pencil Extender & Paper Stumps Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features

Paper Stumps for Flawless Blending: The set of Isomars Paper Stumps included in this combo is perfect for blending and smoothing dry media like pastels, charcoals, and graphite. 

Easy Sharpening: The paper stumps can be easily sharpened using a sanding block or a pencil knife, ensuring that your blending tools are always in optimal condition for your artistic projects.

Pencil Extender for Longer Use: When your drawing or sketching pencil becomes too short to comfortably hold, this handy tool comes to the rescue. 

Product Specifications
  • Paper Stumps Quantity: Multiple paper stumps for versatile blending and shading options.
  • Pencil Extender: Two-sided extender 

Upgrade your art supplies today and experience the difference these tools can make in your creative process.

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