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Cutting Mat A3 & Surgical Knife Combo

Paul Brothers

Key Features

A3 Cutting Mat: The A3-sized cutting mat is your essential canvas for precise and safe cutting. Its generous dimensions of 450mm x 300mm provide ample space for your creative projects, making it perfect for a wide range of cutting applications.

Non-Slip, Self-Healing Surface: The cutting mat features a special non-slip surface that holds paper, card, and various materials securely in place, preventing unwanted shifts while cutting.

Surgical Knife: This surgical knife provides the precision and sharpness needed for intricate and detailed cuts, making it an invaluable tool for both amateurs and professionals.

Product Specifications
  • Cutting Mat Size: A3 (450mm x 300mm)
  • Marking Guides: Yes
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Shape: Razor-shaped

The A3-sized cutting mat, with its non-slip and self-healing surface, provides you with a secure and resilient platform for your work. The included surgical knife with razor-shaped blades and an ergonomic handle guarantees precision in every cut, whether you're working on paper, card, or other materials.

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