Isomars Drawing Templates Combo

Isomars Designing Combo contains 3 templates and 1 set of 3 french curves. Template 1- Isomars Drafting/Designing/Jewellery Designing Template is made from orange transparent plastic, (1.5mm). It is rigid and fragile so it can't be bent. It may be used in many art and craft applications: jewelry design, illustration and card making, to draw shapes on various surfaces. 2.Template 2- Metric Circle Square Ellipse Triangle Symbols Shape Drawing Drafting Template Stencil Dimensions: 240 x 120mm, Thickness: 1.2mm This geometrical stencil contains symbols / shapes of circles, triangles, squares, ellipses from 2mm to 32mm. 3.Template 3- Ellipses - Ellipse Shapes Figure Drawing Template Stencil. This stencil contains isometric ellipse symbols / shapes from 2mm to 60mm. Dimensions- 295 X 147mm French Curves- set of 3 includes shapes A,B,C Sizes of Shapes- A 317X90X2.5mm B 170X81X2.5mm C 134X70X2.5mm Made from Orange tinted plastic with inking edges.

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