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Isomars 9 Piece Pottery Tool Set


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  • Isomars 9 Piece Pottery Tool Set contains the 9 most essential tools for potters.
  • Components made of metal & hardwood.
  • For shaping, cutting, smoothing and decorating.
  • The pottery tool set contains - Loop tool for removing clay ,
  • Ribbon tool for cutting,
  • slicing and shaping ,
  • Needle tool to cut clay strips or holes,
  • make designs or place objects ,
  • Potters rib for shaping and smoothing ,
  • Modeling tool for cutting,
  • smoothing,
  • contouring and decorating ,
  • Smooth scraper for shaping and trimming ,
  • Sponge and Wire clay cutter for slicing clay or trimming pots and other objects.

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